Employee Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from our very own employees. If you're interested in joining our forces, please visit the Hearst Newspaper Career site.

It's hard to find true leaders, but we have them here. They're innovative and truly concerned with team members' growth. Dale Foster, IT Support Manager
We're always looking to the future—at innovation, efficiencies and new ways to get news and information out to the public. Justin Smith, Creative Media Supervisor
Working for one of the largest newspapers in the country is just out of this world! How can you NOT get excited? George Perez, Facility Control Administrator
The constant challenge of staying ahead of the curve breeds excitement and passion in my career. Alok Khera, Automotive Digital Account Manager
Do challenges and never-ending changes keep you motivated? This is the best company to work for. Eskender Tamrat, Multi-media Account Executive