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Website Key Audience Measures

Chron Analytics SHARED: October 2011

Total Page Views: 77,779,145
Total Unique Visitors: 7,576,501
Total Home Page Views: 17,396,467

Spends 16.62 minutes on the site
Views 4.77 pages
Visits site 2.15 times per month

Section Page Views

News 18,015,519
Business 1,927.907
Sports 13,009,605
Entertainment 6,501,718
Life 5,054,241
Travel 37,900
Blogs 8,550,200
Obituaries 1,503,784
Photo Galleries 5,480,921

Marketplace Page Views

Automotive 269,257
Employment 1,028,973
Real Estate 611,149
Kaango 394,513

Channel Page Views

Mom Houston 874,651
Houston Belief 622,133
FuelFix 495,975
29-95 3,669,160

Page Views: 3,611,015
Up 27% year over year
Unique Users: 211,822
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Sources: Omniture Site Catalyst web analytics data for; 2011
*All site traffic numbers are reported on a monthly basis for Oct 2011 and Oct 2010. Flyerboard Flyerboard Flyerboard

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