A Houston Chronicle Monthly Special Section Dedicated to All Things Healthcare

  • Reach patients, doctors, healthcare specialists, and caretakers with a publication that appeals to everyone
  • Benefit from the citywide distribution area of the Houston Chronicle, plus rack distribution in the Medical Center, Memorial City, The Woodlands, and other local medical hubs
  • Boost your web presence with the dedicated "HealthZone" tab on, the Houston Chronicle Facebook Page, email marketing, Twitter stream ad unit, and other social media outlets

Key Benefits

Strong Readership

HealthZone is part of Sunday's Houston Chronicle, which has more than 1.6 million readers., which hosts HealthZone online, has 10 million unique online visitors.

Key Advertising Targets

77% of our readers have used a hospital in the past three years - they have an interest in medical services and treatments. Of the top 20 employers in Houston, six are medical institutions; in other words, there is a large population interested in healthcare news.

Quality Content

HealthZone features exciting and informative articles including:

  • Medicine Breakthroughs
  • Science and research
  • Medical Technology
  • Family Health
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Diet and Weight loss
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Personal Health
  • Children's Health
  • Senior Health
  • Consumer Health Issues
  • Products
  • People in Medicine (management promotions, new hires)

Affluent Audience

47% of our readers have a household income in excess of $75,000 and 36% have a college degree or greater education. This audience is privy to the importance of preventative medicine and can afford investing in their health.

Why advertising in HealthZone works

The need for healthcare is universal - as is the interest in health-related news. With this in mind, HealthZone features articles that appeal to everyone. HealthZone has content designed for parents concerned with pediatric care, for elderly patients interested in effective treatments, and for healthy individuals that simply want to stay active and prevent illness. With comprehensive and detailed information, HealthZone provides an ideal advertising vehicle because it appeals to all. Your branding can be placed next to the engaging articles and reach both patients and healthcare professionals alike. It's the perfect choice for hospitals, clinics, private practices, chiropractors, dentists, nursing facilities, gyms, or anyone trying to reach people concerned about their health. With strategically placed distribution points, delivery to all Houston Chronicle subscribers, and a big web presence, HealthZone is sure to speed up the pulse of your advertising efforts.

Source: Scarborough 2012, R1; Houston

Sponsor Levels

Contributing Partner - Tier 1

  • Full Page Full Color Monthly
  • MedWire Press Release in Print Monthly
  • 20% share of voice online HealthZone
  • Press Releases housed online HealthZone
  • Logo on weekly email
  • Logo on all HealthZone marketing and collateral
  • Participation in Content Advisory Group

* Option with additional special rate

  • Full Page Recruitment ad including company profile and job listings

Contributing Partner - Tier 2

  • 1/2 Page Full Color Monthly
  • 10% share of voice online HealthZone
  • Press Releases housed online HealthZone

* Option with additional special rate

  • Full Page Recruitment ad including company profile and job listings

Community Partner

  • 1/4 Page Monthly
  • 5% share of voice online HealthZone
  • Press Release housed online HealthZone

* Option with additional special rate

  • Page recruitment ad
  • 1 job posting online once a month


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