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Reach up to 2 million homes every week with the Houston Chronicle's insert distribution capabilities. With almost unlimited targeting combinations, including Day of the Week, geography, and demographics.

Houston Chronicle Inserts

The Chronicle's combined subscriber and non-subscriber delivery reaches active shoppers in more than 2.3 million Houston-area households.

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Total Market Coverage

The Chronicle's combined subscriber and non-subscriber delivery reaches active shoppers in more than 2.3 million Houston-area households.

Choose full run to subscribers and non-subscribers to deliver your advertising message across the entire Houston market. For more targeting flexibility, use geographic filtering or choose from more than 2,200 demographic variables to refine your audience.


Chronicle Inserts reach highly desired subscriber households six days a week:

  • Chronicle Inserts in Daily except Monday
  • Full ZIP
  • Sub-ZIP targeting at the Micro-Zone level available
  • Single-copy sales zones daily (except Monday)


With the weekday/chron direct shared mail program, you can add inserts to non-subscriber households for total market coverage:

  • Wrapped in Chron Values advertising jacket
  • Tues./Wed. in-home
  • Delivered shared mail by USPS at full ZIP ior in sub-ZIP micro zones

Non-subscribers weekend/select market coverage:

  • Carrier-Delivered Saturday p.m. through Sunday a.m.
  • Targeted Shopper Profile to approximately 315,000 active-shopper, non-subscriber Households
  • Bought at the ZIP code level, but delivered to select non-subscribing households within each ZIP
  • Reach up to 50% ZIP code penetration by combining Sunday subscribers with weekend SMC.

The Houston Chronicle Levels of Available Targeting: Geography

  • Zip Code - Full saturation of USPS zip codes available for subscribers and non-subscribers
  • Micro Zone - Sub-zip code delivery available for subscribers and non-subscribers. Each micro zones contains 2,500 – 3,000 households, with over 600 micro zones to choose from.
  • Household Specific - Select Market Coverage (SMC) household specific delivery, bought at zip code level.

Houston Chronicle Zip Code Delivery

Inserts Map

A closer look at weekend select market coverage

Need a way to reach more of the Houston market on Sunday? Add Weekend Select Market Coverage (SMC) to your Sunday subscriber buy and increase penetration into the Houston market to an average of 50%.

  • Weekend/Sunday SMC delivers your advertising insert via Houston Chronicle carriers to 315,000 highly desired non-subscribing, shopping households across 99 Houston market ZIP codes.
  • Combine a Sunday subscriber insert buy with Weekend SMC to reach 50% of the Houston market in the core 99 ZIP codes!
  • The Weekend SMC audience profile comprises non-subscribing homes that were ranked based on presence of children, home value, household income, age of head of household and retail expenditure.* The result is approximately 315,000 family households that purchase goods and services from major and local retailers often and at a higher than average rate-of-spending!
  • SMC is bought at the ZIP code level but delivered household-specific every time, not randomly within the ZIP like some competitors’ products.
  • The Weekend SMC Insert package is rich with content from Neighborhood News and The Good Life sections.
  • We offer an additional option of reaching unduplicated non-subscribing homes on Wednesday usingWednesday select Shared Mail.

Competition for inserts:

  • Red Plum: weekly full DMA saturation of zips shared mail package, nation-wide research
  • Val-Pak: approximately monthly, envelope shared mail package, available in most markets, franchised
  • Money Mailer: approximately monthly, envelope shared mail package

The Hearst Direct Advantage

  • Turn-key commercial printing, database marketing and mailing services
  • National reach of the Hearst footprint
  • Largest local customer of the USPS; on-site postal unit
  • A "one-stop-shop" for all digital and print platforms resulting in cohesive campaigns
  • A dedicated customer service team to execute your national campaigns help you achieve your goals

HearstDirect's Partners include regional and national clients in a variety of business categories:

  • Major Grocery Store Chains
  • National Retailers
  • National Home Furnishing Companies
  • Real Estate; Brokers, Home Builders and Retirement Communities
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • National Auto Dealers
  • Medical; Hospitals and Clinics
  • Gaming/Casino
  • Major Market Sports Franchises
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • City Government
  • National Energy Companies
  • Education/Universities

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