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La Voz de Houston (The Voice of Houston) has been strengthening its roots within the Hispanic community for more than 33 years. It is the no. 1 Spanish-language newspaper in Houston on Sundays among adults 18+. Our dedication to providing the most relevant news to Hispanics - local, national, Latin America and world wide - is why La Voz's audience continues to grow. Now, as the city of Houston's Hispanic population has more than quadrupled since 1979, La Voz continues to provide the latest news that matters most to Hispanics in the language they prefer, Spanish.

It makes sense with the Hispanic population quadrupling, that La Voz de Houston has quadrupled its weekly distribution to 405,000. No other Spanish-language newspaper in Houston can match our distribution strategy and amount of varied news content, twice a week. Wednesday distribution to 165,000 households includes content of up-to-date news and what's ahead for the weekend. Weekend distribution of our expanded edition to 165,000 households plus 75,000 rack copies includes content reviewing news from earlier in the week, entertainment, a local calendar, in-depth sports stories, technology and interviews with local politicians and business leaders.

Source: Scarborough Hispanic Study, R. 1, 2011/2012; Houston. 2012 IPSOS Global Insight, Houston. 2012 U.S. Diversity Markets Report; Synovate, Houston. contains the most up-to-date-news:
local, regional, national, México, Latin America and the world.

54,363 unique visitors in just one month. That's 5 times as many uniques as

Source: OMNITURE, August 1-31, 2012; Houston

Houston Hispanic Market

With a Hispanic population of 2.2 million, Houston ranks as the no. 3 Hispanic market in the U.S. and the no. 1 Hispanic market in Texas. Reaching out to this rapidly growing population that is projected to reach 2.8 million by 2017, is essential to advertisers' marketing plans. With a median age of 27.2, a full 6 years younger than the total Houston market, Hispanics are in the prime stage of acquiring in their lives. Averaging more people and children per household means Hispanics are purchasing larger homes, larger family-friendly vehicles and spending billions on clothing, groceries and other major retail categories. With a healthy household income of nearly $70,000, it's no wonder Houston Hispanics contribute nearly $40 billion to the Houston economy.

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