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The web is now the number 1 place people go for more information about what to buy, where to go and who to trust. That’s why you need to be there when they look!

Your Hearst Media Services marketing expert can help you navigate the web and put your business in all the right places.

There are lots of ways to gain exposure online:

  • Banner ads on Chron.com and hundreds of other websites—when a potential customer clicks on your banner ad, they'll be directed to your website or special landing page we help you create just for your special promotion or message. Banner ads can include your logo, a photo, even have motion.
  • Rich media—this is just a fancy name for interactive banner ads that do more to draw the viewer in. They could expand in size, include video or games.
  • Many more options are available to get your business online exposure and more are invented all the time. Use these links to learn about Search Marketing, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

Idea Starters

Need specs? Click here: View Web Advertising Specs »

Here are several examples of banner ads and rich media ads. Take a look at what’s possible:

Banner Advertising
Simple Banner Ad
Display Advertising
Rich Media "Expanding" Ad
Rich Media Advertising
Page-Fold Ad

Need to build a website?

We can design and build for you. Check out these local business examples (and click each to be taken to their site in a new window):

Web Design

Custom Web Design
Professional Web Design

Business Web Design

Are you a recruitment advertiser?

Here are some Recruitment specific samples. These samples are animated—click them to view the animation: